Types Of Laser Treatments For Heel Spurs Washington PA

There are two types of laser treatments for spurs Washington PA that are commonly used by doctors today.

  1. Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Treatment (Class III) - this type of laser treatment uses a very low level laser that almost no heat is generated at all; hence, most of the patients who had undergone such treatment reported zero pain or discomfort during the treatment. This is effective in treating heel pain especially when combined with other traditional methods.
  2. Hot Laser Therapy or High-Level Laser Treatment (Class IV) – this type of laser treatment uses high-level of heat; hence, most patients say that they feel a little discomfort during the treatment. Nevertheless, this is a more effective treatment to heel pain as it is powerful enough to penetrate deeply into the damaged tissue; promoting faster and providing long-term relief.

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